Fluffy pancakes with surprise bacon with white chocolate covered strawberries yumm!!

it’s so simple but so good! Using my handy dandy ring light 🙂 here are a few photos.. I started our making fresh bacon. I find that cooking bacon on med high-ish and sprinkling a little black pepper or sugar is the best. But for this recipe I didn’t season it because it’s going to be covered with pancake batter … MMMM. I let the bacon get real crispy like brown then let it cool on a napkin. Letting it sit like how you see them in the pan below will let them crisp like we want. 

For my pancake mix, I used Hungry Jack pancake mix (you can use use your favorite), buttermilk and an egg. I like to sprinkle cinnamon in there also and a little bit of nutmeg. I like to use butter and keep my pan tempeterafure somewhere around low to medium. It crisps better on the edges, but it also makes the pancakes fluffier. And the consistency of the batter should be about a little less thick than cake batter. The idea is that the consistency will be thick enough to hold shape.

I put a little batter to create a bacon pancake “bed” and let it cook until the bubbles started to appear. 

Voila! A healthy minus the bacon breakfast 🤷🏻‍♀️😋


DIYs are awesome BUT under $20 DIYs are my FAVORITE

Guess who made their very own first ring light? Yes. I’m MORE than pleased with the results. Best 20 bucks I spent. Here are some sample shots. I used MainStays LED color changing lights. This came with a remote that had different light settings from strobe to flash… and 16 different color modes! We used these as filters such as the blue magazine looking spread that I love so much! 


Well hello and good morning everyone. I am pleased and extremely excited to announce that Jennuine Art, INC. is revamping set to release 4.20.17. Things you can expect can range from photography to fashion insight, but more importantly this is where you can connect with me personally for booking, questions, etc. I just wanted to be more personable on this blog post because I feel more relaxed writing as if it is just you and me in conversation versus me vs them.

img_9582First things first, my name is Jai (nickname for Jenny, pronounced “Jay”). I am 27 years old and I would be probably be described by others as a creative misfit. What do i mean by this? Since I can remember, I have always looked at life through an artistic lens. It really hit me when i began teaching myself how to cook and bake… the culinary photography began. I could not but help to cook and pretend I am in a cooking show, just to get to the end result and take these amazing photos of my creation. Art is life to me, it is a part of who i am. It is a part of me that I share with  you guys.

Then I thought, hmm why not share these recipes with everyone because there has to be other people who are like me… “Clueless to Cooking”.

Anyways, I would love to hear feedback about what more you would like to see on here. For now, until further expansion there will be photography, music, and culinary arts posts.